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Designed Not to Stick

SILVERCEL™ NON-ADHERENT Antimicrobial Alginate Dressing with
EASYLIFT™ Precision Film Technology is a non-woven pad composed of alginate, carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and silver coated nylon fibers, with EASYLIFT™ Precision Film Technology; laminated non-adherent wound contact layer.


EASYLIFT™ Precision Film Technology non-adherent wound contact layer


Antimicrobial action:

SILVERCEL™ NON-ADHERENT Dressing provides a sustained release of silver ions in vitro for up to 7 days.1 This can provide an effective antimicrobial barrier protection for the entire wear time, depending on exudate levels.


High absorbency:

The highly absorbent hydro-alginate component allows for effective exudate management.

SILVERCEL™ NON-ADHERENT Antimicrobial Alginate Dressing

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