The Alltrack M Series is a mid-wheel drive power wheelchair with a standard weight capacity of 300 lbs (136 kg) with an HD option of up to 450 lbs (205 kg). It is ideal for an active user sharing their time between indoor and outdoor activities. This Mid-Wheel Drive power wheelchair allows the user to easily maneuver over day to day obstacles while providing unsurpassed stability provided by its suspension and exclusive 8” (205 mm) front casters (optional). It features a short turning radius, adjustable rehab seating, low seat to floor height down to 15.75” (400 mm), PG Drives electronics and 4-Pole 5.9 mph (9.5 kmh) or 6.5 mph (10.5 kmh) high speed German motors. As part of the Alltrack family, it also comes with the Advanced Geometric Design (A.G.D) with its GC3 technology that enhances the stability, mobility and comfort for the user. The Alltrack M has a full list of options such as a 50° power tilt, power recline with shear reduction, 11” (280 mm) power elevating seat, power elevating & articulating legrests or foot platform, SMARTTRACK™ (assistive driving package) and offers exceptional performance with specialty controls. Custom options are available (contact CSR for details).


Configuration Mid-wheel drive
HCPCS codes K0848, K0856, K0861, K0850, K0858, K0862
Suspension system GC3 (dual stage)
Ground clearance 3.5” (90 mm)
Base width 23.375” (595 mm) or 25.375” (645 mm)
Base length 35.125” (890 mm)
Turning radius 20” (510 mm)
Weight capacity 0-300 lbs (0-136 kg) (Standard) / 301-450 lbs (136-205 kg) (Heavy-duty)
Motor options (Maximum speed) 4-pole German 5.4 MPH (9 kmh) / 5.9 MPH (9.5 kmh) / 6.5 MPH (10.5 kmh)
Transport option 4 point brackets (Standard)
Battery type Group 22NF or Group 24
Battery charger 8A, off board
Electronics (PG Drives) VR2 (90 Amps), RNET (90 or 120 Amps)
Available with assistive driving package Yes (Smart-Track technology)
Available with specialty controls Yes (Switch-it, Stealth, ASL)
Fully modular rehab seat Adjustable from 15” to 24” (380 mm to 610 mm) wide
Power seating options Yes (custom available)
Seat to floor height range (with power tilt or seat lift) 15.75” to 19” (400 mm to 485 mm)
Seat to floor height range (with combo power tilt and seat lift) 18” (455 mm) or 18.75” (475 mm)

Alltrack M Series