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About New Mini Standy DJ 

 The Mini Standy Dj has revolutionized the stander & therapy time significantly by increasing the amount of stimuli the child receives. Through an audio device fixed under the platform, theMini Standy DJ's sound waves vibrate through the entire structure of the stander stimulating the child's body and brain. Three sizes available, weight capacity of 121 lbs.

The Dondolino by Ormesa 

3 Sizes, weight capacity 121 lbs.  The Dondolino’s standing frame was designed to be used in the everyday life contexts of a child’s home. It can enhance the child’s capacity to adapt to his surroundings and to interact positively with the world around him. The size 2 and 3 have an added chest support that is just as adjustable as the pelvic support.

School Table by Ormesa 

A remarkable, adjustable work table!
The School Table  or Free Time Table works well for kids both at school and at home. The book and pen supports allow for use of the table top while it is flat or inclined. With two sizes available and height adjustable, this table will cover most pediatric needs.

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